It’s about to go down !

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We are days before the start of the first heat of the fireball 25 rally! First of all we would like to thank you all for registering your original team names.
Secondly, we have gathered some last minute tips and extra information that can hopefully help you with your preparations.

– Just bring everything, from your bathing suit to a rain coat !
– If you have a special outfit for your team, be sure to wear it to the grand depart.

– Make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape, we have adopted the rule of top-gear, if your car breaks down, we will all have a good laugh and continue our journey, while your team has to figure out a way to get going 😉
– Don’t forget your snowchains and a proper shovel.
– Have enough fluorescent vests in the car.
– As parking places are not secured everywhere along the route make sure your vehicle is well insured.

Gear and other stuff
– Bring your phones and/or camera’s, you will need them.
– Bring your golden tickets.
– Bring lots of sunscreen.

Practical Info
– As said before be sure to arrive in your rally vehicle in Bergen, pick up your teammates from home or meet at a central location, we will not return in Bergen. So if you leave other cars there, We’re sure you’ll have a nice detour on the way home.
– Be on time, the race starts at 11:00, with or without you (see the topgear rule)
– Depending on where you live and how fast you drive, you’ll probably be home at the end of the afternoon or the beginning of the evening on Sunday.

– We are checking if there is a way to have a central travel insurance for everyone on this trip.
– As stated before : all vehicles joining must be insured properly, the organisation cannot take any responsibility for damages done during the rally.

Social Media
As a great filioshoper once said, each benefit has it’s downside. The first group of teams is the first one to experience the rally, but we need to ban the use of social media in this first group. It’s done in order to limit the spoilers for the 2nd group. Please take this to heart and save your pictures and posts till after the 2nd group has completed their rally as well!

To compensate this and because we understand you want to share your experience along the way with your fellow rally contenders, Each group will have it’s own private slack channel.

You (and your spouse) will get an invite soon, if you don’t got the slack app yet you can download it from the app store or google play store.

Enjoy your long weekend and arrive to the start grid well rested.

See you on thursday,

Roland and Marc

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