Since starware was founded in 1992, our business has always been far more about enjoying the journey than the actual destination.
In this spirit, we have put together, the first ever …

Starware Fireball 25 Rally.

We hope for the rally to be a great adventure and a fierce competition, in any case it will be packed with activities and surprises.
It’s our goal for you to go home with loads of new memories that will last a lifetime.
Besides that, there are simply great prizes to be won, so make sure you will come prepared !



We are asking you to form teams that consists of 4 persons and register your team on this website.

It’s up to you to arrange your own transportation, of course you can use your company car.
If your uncle has a Ferrari in the garage that he never uses, you are welcome to bring that as well. Just make sure it is insured properly. The organisation cannot be hold accountable for any costs or damages!

For the first time ever, we do not set a dress code, but a of lot bonus points can be achieved if you dress in the spirit of the rally and your team !

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Get Inspired

The starware fireball 25 rally is inspired on the cannonball run movies and, of course, the gumball 3000 rallies. So if you are looking for some inspiration, check out the link below:

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Make sure you register your team before 22-5.

Please arrive in Bergen aan Zee in your rally vehicle together with your complete team, we will not return in Bergen aan Zee at the end of the rally!

On Sunday afternoon, everyone has ample time to drive back home.

Bring layered clothes, your phones and/or camera’s and your smiles


Don’t forget your golden ticket and present it in Bergen aan zee at beach club Hemingway before the Grand Depart of the rally.
We hope you will have as much fun during the trip, as we did putting it together!